Casa noticias Principio de respuesta de los fabricantes de Shenzhen y aplicación del purificador de aire de iones de alta energía

Principio de respuesta de los fabricantes de Shenzhen y aplicación del purificador de aire de iones de alta energía

  • January 04, 2022

Indoor air pollution has its particularities:

1: La calidad del aire interior se ve afectada por el aire exterior. Los contaminantes comunes del aire incluyen el humo del cigarrillo, los gases nocivos, el polvo, el polen, las esporas, las bacterias, los virus, etc. En las ciudades chinas, los principales contaminantes del aire interior incluyen TSP total, CO, SO2, NOx, hidrocarburos, etc.

2: There are also some special pollution sources indoors, including synthetic building materials, gas appliances, household appliances, chemicals, and people, pets, and plants living indoors. In addition, poor building ventilation has further aggravated pollution.

3: Ion imbalance is a form of air pollution. The air contains a large number of positive and negative ions. Generally, the concentration of positive and negative ions is in a basically balanced state. Once it is out of balance, it will affect the health of the human body. Studies have shown that iones negativos can reduce the concentration of complex amines in human blood, facilitate the absorption and utilization of oxygen, accelerate the transmission of oxygen, promote metabolism, and make people feel happy and clear-headed. Positive ions reduce the transmission of oxygen, causing people to produce different degrees of hypoxia symptoms, leading to malaise, irritability, nervousness, headaches, etc.

Pollutants in the air will disrupt the ion balance of the air and absorb negative ions, increasing the concentration of positive ions. In addition, the surfaces of reinforced concrete buildings, synthetic decorative materials, clothes, plastic products and furniture, and the metal pipes of air-conditioning are also constantly absorbing negative ions, making the ion concentration in the air extremely unbalanced. In the more polluted indoor environment, the concentration of negative ions is usually less than 100/cm3, and the small value of the negative ion concentration suitable for human body is 1000/cm3.

Therefore, when purifying indoor air, it is necessary not only to remove various pollutants (TSP and various harmful gases), but also to adjust the balance of ions in the air. The application of physical filtration principle can only remove larger suspended particles, while the ability to remove smaller suspended particles, smoke and harmful gases is poor, and it has no effect on adjusting the ion balance; applying the principle of chemical absorption adsorption has greater The safety risk may cause secondary pollution. The use of high-energy plasma technology can solve these problems.

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